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September 19, 2016


Hello Friends! I am submitting another project to STORYHIVE and I'm thrilled to tell you about it!
This round is exclusively for female directors and over 200 are in this competition, just incredible. Supported by community votes - people like YOU - a handful of $10,000 grants will be awarded to women in Alberta. I encourage you to all participate to support this project and share your votes to support other female directors!


In the late night hour, a record player begins to spin on its own, serenading Miss Lonely Heart with the promise of everlasting love. Seduced by the romantic fantasy - either from a possessed spirit or her own madness - she follows the siren's call to her very last breath.

This film is going to be a major challenge for me as there is one actor and zero dialogue. I'll be working again with Daniel Carriere from Royal Tusk to create an original ballad. Samantha Quantz - who played Marjorie in Codependent Ghost Girl - will be performing as Miss Lonely Heart. Inspired by Stephen King, Alfred Hitchcock and John Carpenter, this short will be full of suspense!

Pitch Video for BRADFORD
CLICK HERE to watch my pitch video & VOTE DAILY from the week of September 19-23 and you can help me win a $10K grant to produce this film! Thank you for the support! xoxo

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