January 24, 2013

Making a MutherF***ing Movie!

We film our trailer in THREE DAYS! Holy Mother, there's a lot to do.  Chaos is perfectly expected, yet things are coming together in this beautiful serendipitous way. In less than a week, the generous donations from friends and family have allowed us to meet 60% of our shooting budget. That is absolutely incredible! Are we loved or what? Thanks everyone, you are boosting our spirits through the tough times!

Our cast *just* received the final draft of the script last night and our crew will meet the night before the shoot... we're cutting it close! But it looks like the weather will be warming up, which will help us tremendously with our location - a solar-powered cabin in the woods with no running water, one hour out of town. Are we aiming to achieve "Canadian Gangsta" status or what?

We are also blessed with a full moon this weekend, 8L of blood, and a volunteer group of rogue LARPers to perform rituals around a bonfire. And oh yes... THERE WILL BE S'MORES!

We have SO many people to thank, but first our stand-out heroes this week who are helping our dreams come true!


Tessa Stamp & The Theatre Garage - for all their lovely prosthetics, make-up supplies and our very important costume that Greg Arenburg will be stuck in for the weekend.

Kat & John Evans from October People Productions - who whipped us up their very own blood recipe for the shoot. And it's tasty!

The Walterdale Theatre - for not only lending us the talent of Kirk Starkie, but for allowing him to bring his priestly costume to the set with us. You guys rock!

Percy Odynak - for his generous cash donation and offering of his first-born step-son Stephen, who will be coming to his first film set. We'll break him in good!

If you want to keep in the loop with us - sign up to our BEE HIVE http://www.thehiveproductions.com/ for videos and exclusive offers as we continue with the film.

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