Codependent Ghost Girl

Marjorie is the classic girl next door, only she’s dead. Her BFF is a depressed psychic, her crush doesn’t know she exists and when a metal band shows up looking for their missing drummer, it all goes to Hell.

Gillian's Just Right

When her mother returns after a ten year absence, Gillian struggles with fears of the “family legacy” being passed down and is forced to reign in her own dark forces that threaten her sanity. The concept trailer for Gillian's Just Right placed in the Top 15 of the national CineCoup Film Accelerator and is currently slated for production in 2016. Stay connected on the GJR Facebook Page.

The Distant

Joren Turnhill awakes from a catatonic state known as “Distance.” Taken in by a group of scientists and ex-military known as The Rebuilders, she agrees to help them find others like her, but after a chilling discovery, she realizes her saviours have darker intentions. Joren's only hope of escape is to confront the memory that pushed her mind into the darkness. And some things are better off forgotten.

Hot Death (Graphic Novel)

Truckstop Bloodsuckers (2012)

Truckstop Bloodsuckers (2012)

Truckstop Bloodsuckers is a vampire comedy about Jeanine, a reformed Bloodsucker working as a waitress in The Little Hope Diner with her rebellious newborn Kolby, who has a taste for the kitchen staff. This feature film/ web series produced by Mosaic Entertainment and Bite TV was nominated for six AMPIAs including Best Screenplay and was awarded Best Foreign Film at the Bare Bones International Film Festival (Muskogee, Oklahoma).

The Bleedening

In this bloody bro-mantic comedy, four teens find themselves quarantined when a biochemical weapon is unleashed on the student body, turning the syphilis-ridden youth into projectile blood-vomiting agents of death. This feature is currently in development with Mosaic Entertainment. 
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